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Here are some of our most recent projects. Get in touch if you have an idea that you want to bring to life!


Hub North Scotland Promotional Video


Offshore Achievement Awards Nominee Videos

The Spirit of Banffshire
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Working in collaboration with the Lord Lieutenant of Banffshire, Professor Peter Reid and the Doric Board, we have created a short film which captures the Spirit of Banff and the surrounding Shire.

It acts as celebratory piece to mark the platinum Jubilee of HM the Queen and as a marketing tool for the Lord Lieutenant’s recent book release!

We have been overwhelmed by the amount of support and positive feedback from this video:

“The end result is absolutely magnificent and utterly entrancing. A project of this kind really matters because, if done well, it moves people who have a connection to the place in a deeply emotional, visceral way; and ‘Spirit of Banffshire’ is done very, very well.”

In just a day and a half, on one personal social media account we have seen incredible interaction with over:





The power of video can be incredible! Thank you to everyone involved and for all the support. If you would like to discuss a video or film for your next big project or business social media campaign, then please do get in touch 😊👍

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We have had a great time working with one of our new clients, Neo Space. We helped them create a promotional video for their luxurious meeting room facilities.

The video is designed to showcase the stylish and professional working environment available for hire. Perfect for meetings, conferences or brainstorming 😊 If you would like help to showcase your organisation, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

VSA 150th Anniversary
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Pink Sphynx Media had the pleasure of bringing The Pride of Aberdeen to life. The narrated play scripted by local playwright Mike Gibb, was written from a collection of 150 archived stories which explores how the VSA came to be founded and the beginnings of its early work.

With special thanks to the National Heritage Lottery Fund; Mike Gibb; Mairi Paton Warren; Carolyn Johnston; Brian McDonald; Michelle Bruce and to the William Syson Foundation.

Pink Sphynx Media
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We honestly can’t believe that it has been a year since Pink Sphynx Media was set-up! It has been an incredible journey so far and we would like to thank all of our amazing clients, friends, family and supporters for all their help 🥰

We couldn’t have done it without you ❤ This is just a wee look back on some of things we got up to 🙂 Join the party and look forward to what next year has to offer!🎉

ABZ Works
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We have had a fantastic time working with our recent client Aberdeen City Council to help them create an exciting promotional video for their new Abz Works website (https://abzworks.co.uk/).

ABZ Works showcases career pathways, particularly in growth areas for young people and career changers. It also provides detailed and local information on Apprenticeships, employability and also health and support services.

The video acts to re-energise and inspire our local population and to reflect our ambition for the city 😊

If you would like a promotional video to help your organisation, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Unearthing Farming Lives
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“Unearthing Farming Lives” is a new film examining some of the most common causes of mental health problems, as well as their potential solutions, within the farming and wider agricultural community.

The film has been directed and released by Pink Sphynx Media, and is the brainchild of several organizations in the North East of Scotland, including NFU Scotland, Robert Gordon University, Live Life Aberdeenshire, and Aberdeen Samaritans.
“Unearthing Farming Lives” aims to highlight and raise awareness of the hidden mental health issues which exist within the agricultural industry to a wide-ranging audience.
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We are excited to announce that our new film “UNEARTHING FARMING LIVES” will be released in late May/ early June (2021).
We are working alongside:
▪️North East of Scotland: NFU Scotland
▪️Robert Gordon University
▪️Aberdeenshire Council and
▪️The Aberdeen Samaritans
To create a short documentary film which highlights the hidden mental health issues that exists within the farming and the wider agricultural industry.
Science Aberdeen Portfolio
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This 2-3 minute promotional video was created for NovaBiotics – a biotechnology company based in Aberdeen which focusses on the design and development of anti-infectives. It is designed to inform and educate their audience about the company and their unique approach to drug discovery and development for infectious diseases. The video is presented as a promotional tool on the company website and social media. 

Portfolio Fitness
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Portfolio Fitness
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Portfolio Fitness
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Fitness Ways has been a client of Pink Sphynx Media since 2018. They approached us to help boost their online business content and enhance their social media marketing strategy. We worked together to create multiple short, unique ads for Facebook advertising, a 12-week Post-Natal video package and updated all their existing content with their new branding. Above are a few examples of our most recent work together (featuring an experimentation piece with their new branding).

Portfolio Health Coaching
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This commercial was created in collaboration with BM Health Coaching (previously known as BM Personal Training). Our aim was to create a “Client Journey” video between 2-5 minutes long.  The project demonstrated the BM Health Coaching’s ethos – ‘Any goal is within your reach’ – through expression of the character’s emotions, perseverance and dedication. The main character seeks help to achieve her goals of becoming a fitter and more confident individual.

Portfolio Doric Film Competition
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In 2019, the short film: “Fan wi gaed tae keep hoose at ‘Hillies'” was entered into the first Doric Film Festival held in Aberdeen and won joint first place in the individual category.

The film had to answer the question “Fit Dis the North East o Scotland Mean Tae Me?” (what does the North East of Scotland mean to me?). This film is based on a Doric poem written about a family event and North East country life.

Portfolio Chill challenge
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During the first UK lockdown in May 2020, Atola Visuals hosted a competition – ‘The Chill Video Challenge’ in the hope that it could reduce peoples’ stress levels during a time of great uncertainty.

If you would like 3 minutes of chill time then please check out our entry.

Portfolio London travels
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This footage was captured in October 2019 to document a trip to London. This was shot on a phone and involved zero planning.

This was a great opportunity to test creativity, experimentation and improvisation skills.

Portfolio Fashion
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Thomas Gelder hosted a lockdown editing challenge. He supplied his raw footage from a fashion shoot for ‘The Presidents Club’ and from there participants could edit the video in their own style.

This idea revolves around the game ‘hide and seek’ or ‘boy chases girl’, whilst presenting  a contrast between using a period setting to film a modern fashion show.

Portfolio Dance
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Lynn approached us to create two documentary style projects. The first was to promote, educate and inform audiences about NEAT’s (North East Arts Touring) Young Promoters Scheme. It gave an insight to the benefits for young people if they are given the opportunity to work in the performing arts industry.

The second project was to document the event “Dancing Along the Borderline” which was part of City Moves Dance Live Festival in Aberdeen. Lynn created this event to raise awareness of Borderline Personality Disorder. 

Portfolio Horror
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This was Pink Sphynx Media’s first attempt at making a short length, zero budget horror film in 2016. The only pieces of equipment used were an old automatic digital camera, tripod stand and Windows Movie Maker.

This task was a university piece of work which was to create a live action short film fitting any genre of choice. The story expresses the fear of a young girl trying to escape the attack of a killer clown.

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